have u guys heard of jordain peterson?

i’m been listening to alot of his podcasts and they’re super informative. super smart dude. any1 else?

Not really.

I don’t find him interesting but he’s also not cringe like people say

Also his takes on post modernism are lol

He sounds like brad neely’s professor brothers

Canadian English is so cartoony to me lmao

yeah he really is

are you a patron yet casey

I should rephrase and say a lot of what he says is cringe but as a person he seems more normal than most

I think he is unintentionally dishonest pretty often, and he is really good at saying simple shit while appearing groundbreaking.

Not to defend Peterson - but a lot of the time people don’t realize Simple Things until someone points it out, and their usual response is “Oh - I knew that, That’s really simple”, which is true - they did know it - but simply hadn’t thought about it.

yeah nothing wrong with that, but I think he is making fat stacks because his simple ideas are packaged as something novel and complex.

I guess that shouldnt bother me but it does idk

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My friends argument in favor of him was if you follow his advice you’ll have a better life than following the advice of much more brilliant public intellectuals

The existence of patreon is really Toxic. People make Salaries off nothing - some guy in egypt makes 4000 dollars a month or so making videos where he says god isn’t real and pretending the government is after him.

I like patreon. I blame the people throwing money at the dumb shit

I might be biased I have gotten paychecks from folks funded by patreon lol

Only thing that bothers me is how he uses his reach to actively misrepresent Canada to impressionable people on the Internet

what part of canada are you in again?

Yukon. Went to college out east and travel alot for work

How are you doing these days? Still seeing the same girl? Still teaching English? Moving to japan?