Having dreams for the first time in about 5 years.

can u link

lol just make spotify/tidal

new one isnt showing on spotify, but i have free

maybe it's not out in the US yet

I have a recurring dream that my brakes fail and I keep pounding the brake pedal to avoid an accident.

What does it mean?

i think this is underlying anxiety or fear of death

or just listen to this song

Have you been in an car accident before?:

fear of losing control, impending doom etc

means the cars in dreams never fuckin work right because our brains are too feeble to imagine completely operational cars

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fuck dream cars

But I do understand cars. Sometimes I feel like the car is just an extension of my body. being unable to brake feels like my legs going wobbly irl.

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tfw u trip in ur dream

that sounds neat

had one (maybe a few more) vivid dreams when i was a kid where i was a bird (Or maybe in my body?) and could fly however I want to (so i guess i was controlling it) was really neat

Ok so I've continuously had dreams every night. Yesterday one of my dreams came to a reality.

Can anyone explain this? This is the first case of legitimate future forecasting from a dream.

How does this happen? what could it mean?

it's just a coincidence dude

ur dreams are not prophetic or paranormal im sorry

Don't listen to slowdive. Your dotaGOD powers are evolving to include the real world.

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He could possibly use lucid dreaming techniques to go into the dream-future and figure out the best combos to draft.

Deja vu! ive just been in this place before!
And I know its my time to come home!