Having dreams for the first time in about 5 years.

As of the past 2 weeks I've been having the most vivid dreams of my life. Previously I haven't been able to dream at all.

Stuff from my past mostly and stuff possibly to my future.

Anyone had similar experiences?:

You've been dreaming since you first got on NAdota, but you were awake while you were doing it so 5 years is the wrong time.

As far as night dreams i almost always have dreams, once your nutrition is up there and you are eating right your dreams will be like that.

My diet is great so that's not relevant.

Have you tried magnesium

Whether or not dreaming happens for me is entirely dependent on the quantity and quality of sleep I get.

i dont have vivid dreams. i havent in a whjile. i prolly need a CPAP machine tho

Everyone dreams in their sleep, almost always. The only variation is how well you recall it based on how vivid you think it is.

I regularly dream a lot but it is always very mundane everyday stuff like going to work or hanging out with friends.

When I was a kid I had crazier dreams that were a little more surreal but adult hood and working a full time job for so many years has killed that creative part of me with the suffocatingly stable structure

this has been in my head since the day it dropped



konnichiwa really made my summer in 16'

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Every night i've had super vivid dreams I can recall hour they occur. This is not usual for dreams.

wish i had the crazy dreams anyways. i know the adulthood killed that side but i wish i experienced half the shit people like gwez experienced


I still get those dreams

They usually affect my mood a lot throughout the day

theres a ridiculous video up for greaze mode now

I've had a string of pretty violent dreams the past 2 weeks and not sure why. I'm the type who remembers a dream every couple of months and that's it so been pretty weird

the whole album out skrrrt