Hearts of Iron 4

trying to get into this game but you need a phd to even understand how to play

game has an absurd amount of buttons

it's a sandbox so your objective can be anything but if you want to learn a lot of the mechanics play as a major power. kaiserreich mod makes the game a lot more interesting imo but maybe play a few base game runs

get your factories up, and make sure to have a surplus on equipment before attacking. don't research equipment you don't have production to support. support equipment saves lives

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if you have an wide front focus on pocketing and using spoiling attacks to delay enemy response

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yeah Iā€™m very interested in this mod but trying to learn the basics first

play on speed 1 whenever you're at war and watch your equipment when you attack vs staying static. invest in your infantry unless you're an industry heavy nation

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right now Iā€™m just playing as the nazis

I traded civilian factories with african countries for rubber, is that bad?

long run yes but you are rubber starved by the allies in the beginning so if you're gearing up to fight it's important

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germany is the best faction to learn the game imo, you're right in the middle of everything

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I want to overthrow Hitler and become Communist

my ultimate goal is to free the world of the great satan known as America

i haven't played the base game in years can't even remember if that's possible

fuck around and find out

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oh boy here i go liberating the workers again

This game is for the quintessential Redditor WW2 Larpfaggot. It's so cringe.

Why is this Person here

i havent had fun playing videogames in years let me have this


after you have the fundamentals down i highly reccomend kaiserreich, the geopolitics is much more interesting