help please

jdance isnt talking to me he might talk to me through one of u so I would appreciate if one of u says he needs to give me the 200 back since our arrangement didn’t work out

I got you

@Derumination Ian wants his money (200 USD) back because you’re a failure. He also said you were a terrible friend

Didn’t you bet him 200 that you weren’t addicted?

Seems like a wash to me


@Derumination Ian is trying to get his money back just ignore him more the money is all yours


jdance right now

LMAO you’re a fucking worm dude


I gave him 200 to do me a favor he said he’d give it back if things didn’t work out with it…Things didn’t work out with it…So I need the 200 back

Guy who owes me 200 ignores/blocks me and I’m the worm OK

I wanted to give him 200 if it worked out but he said no ur a drug addict bad person ur never gonna give me the money so I fronted it…epoks right never trust a sober

I think jdance shouldn’t give you any money until you’re clean

He probably thinks that too and you should stop asking him for money

let him return it when he decides it’s time and don’t ask for it sooner. This is the path life has laid out for you two.

That would be fine if I didn’t need money to move out in aiding sobriety since I live in a fucking drug house

It’ll all work out OK just start going, don’t make excuses, and don’t look back

Yeah you’re full of shit there’s no way 200 is doing anything in your situation when you’ve spent thousands on drugs. You got a FUCKED UP perspective here.

He’s owed me 500 for like a year and a half before lol

Who cares? Go get clean

It’s a day’s work…One less day in the drug house

I agree

No man, get out of the drug house and then talk to him. You’re just going to use it to buy drugs. There’s only one reason an addict gets this desparate.