Heroes of Newerth

Anyone consider switching to this? It’s just like playing old dota.

I played 10 games of this on my friends account. Had it DLed when it became free but I think it does that thing where you need to buy it for all the champs.

I’d definitely party queue the free version with forums posters though

No, all heroes are free now. A few months ago I played like a hundred games with Robert and it was Much Much more fun than 2018 Hell Dota

It’s just exactly like rolling dota patches back a few years and acting as if Valve released new heroes more than once a year.
I’m alright with not having Pangolier and Dark willow - King Klout is a much more fun hero anyway.

Oh, cool. Yeah I knew there were updates but was too lazy to actually check them. We should get a nostalgia night going or something, maybe host a lobby and have a stream up.

waiting for @SOPHIE to start NaMafia Gaming Nights. Dota (Heroes of newerth) inhouses - Homm3 (very important #1 priority) - warcraft 3? - 1v1 bomberman tournament - Risk - and potentially Voice chat roleplaying session where each person assumes the role of a fantasy creature (gremlin, goblin, golem, gnoll, grub, etc…) and acts out , in turns of course,what they wish to do while rolling dice for each move and accumulating gold and coins for shopping (from the shop keeper) and whith enough gold and items you can attack other players where you enter a combat in a private voice channel and only one comes out while the other has to sit in exile death channel for 15 turns until respawned

@SOPHIE Get to work! hahaha just kidding

We could do a DnD game for sure… I’d say I’d be down for hosting wc3 custom games, some CS:S stuff, a minecraft server, maybe some n64 emu netplay… there’s a whole weird wide world there

Dnd? What?

Dungeons 'N Dragons.

No I wanted teamspeak roleplaying sessions. We do them all the time with @jones and @nyte.

Seems cool. I don’t frequent the /int/ minecraft server teamspeak, though.

Lol come around! We Roleplay all the time on Krautchan /Int/ minecraft, it’s the most popular activity and hobby amongst our members if you know what I mean. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s very common. We roleplay all the time in int minecraft teamspeak as fantasy creatures and bugs. We roleplay all the time, as Bugs and Critters hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Critters and rodents little rats and bugs

No - we don’t roleplay and I would never want to roleplay over voice chat or the likes. It was a mere joke hahaha! Sorry if you didn’t get it.
I am very serious though - about NaDota Gaming Dates to improve forum relations and encourage activity. Much better idea than “Referral Points” or whatever else.

Are any of those custom dota 2 maps any good or are they all just shit compared to the wc3 ones

Don’t think any of them are worth playing. The only “good” (not fun) one I played was a chinese ORPG or something, I think the tools to make them are just really bad compared to the wc3 map maker.

not to mention how often they break

dota strikers is lit

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thats some EU bullshit

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