Posting in the NAMafia Hitler thread

This thread is shitler.

its weed lol

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daimler, volkswagon, and mitsubishi would like a word as well

ford was a nazi simp as well he even got the cross for the order of the eagle



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It's funny how everyone is making these "epic meme fakes" of joe biden now but if you point out this is exactly what the CIA was doing like 6 months ago it's like a deep conspiracy theory

These are all GANs right? What happens if you feed those actual Joe Biden speeches into the classifier instead of feeding a bunch of garbage nonsense meme phrases into the generator?


What do i order

The ribs

Try the wagyu and report back. I am curious.

52 bucks for an 8oz filet would be a crime in Texas.

What can we do to make bring the moderation on this website more towards this, the ideal moderation state:

went with the rustico was in a basic mood