Hot Teamspeak Argument : Is XQC Based?

  • XqC is based
  • XqC is cringe

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He acts cringe for content but is based.

these are not mutually exclusive

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Joe Biden got me so fucked up


based because he's french canadian and they are the supreme race of people

never read a more false statement in my life

americans will never understand how funny the quebecois are.

Every single french canadian i have seen on the internet has been nothing short of utterly and completely unapproachably disgustingly ■■■■■■ ed


@SOPHIE Unblock the r word. In no layers of irony is this word being blocked funny.

Fucking forsen says it on his stupid little daycare streams and this fucking guy thinks it's funny to censor this on his gay little forum

guy who pays for the website doesn't like it

There's this French Canadian guy that plays Dark Souls pvp and his vocabulary consists of the type of shit a 20 year old virgin playing Cod Modern warfare would say in 2010, he cals people shitters and shitnet laggers

i've been to quebec you can't lie to me

who pays for this website exactly


Does he pay for just hosting services or like do you have to pay for a discourse subscription or some gay shit like that

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no idea im not that smart

maybe Roragok will uncensor the rword if we help him in Elden Ring

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