how do I get good at Dota

I’m trying - in all honesty - to help you.
Dota is just a reskin of cookie clicker. You can take my word for it, I have 11k hours and 9000 games.

Regardless of matchup i Block the wave with 2 fissures and buy a quelling blade from the sideshop to get easy farm

I think watching good players play and considering why they made certain decisions is the best way to do it.


who should I watch to learn offlane


I have issues not dying in hard lines like cm support with a roaming support banking me. What can I do in those cases do I just play super safe and try and jungle slowly or what? Like shits rough when I get shit on as soon as I show in lane

Well you shouldn’t be solo then. Blame your team lol

if you’re shaker and your team wont help you, buy a lot of mana regen so u can keep fissure blocking. if theyre camping u with 3 heroes and u legitimatly can’t do anything, you can try ganking another lane early with fissure if you feel like the lane is a completely lost cause.

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What if I’m playing a different hero like WR or some shit where I can’t really block the lane or anything

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theoretically ur fucked as WR if your team doesnt help you in the offlane. in 3k im sure you could make it work but that just consists of getting good at laning and the game as a whole and u can’t learn that from a forum post. i would just suggest not picking shit like WR that cannot lane alone, assuming solo offlane is common in 3k. really you should pick shit like WR/mirana and just beg ur teammates to dual lane with u cuz itll give u a big advantage, but if they won’t listen then pick something that’s more adept at soloing.

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As offlane (especially when solo, but can also be useful if your duolane is considerably weaker than theirs), try to get the ranged creep as far in front of the other creeps as you can. Often this gives you a free level 3 (or more, most players below 5k never manage to regain lane equilibrium even if they pull).

If you have an offlane that’s supposed to dominate, keep pushing the lane and pull the bigcamp all the time, if they go to contest, kill them with your stronger heroes.

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3k shitter here as well. spam good heroes in the patch(CM)

pick good heroes and emulate good players

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When you can’t stay in lane, apply pressure to other lanes, or no one helps you on shit like WR I just try to hide in trees to get levels. Use w.e spell you can to get last hits safely just try not to feed the carry and still get levels to be useful in mid game.

Just won 4 games in a row thanks NAdota!


I’ve been spamming earthshaker won like literally 8 out the 9 most recent games with him he really does a fuck ton of damage



good luck have fun

lol tbh i keep asking myself this and now i’m doing pretty good you just have to keep playing lol gl