How Many Until This Is Considered Spam

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And how long until you all accept that this person does not have much to contribute beyond nastiness and whining

I'll remind you that I did not do anything to antagonize him (I made a joke about "banning him" for his "insensitive jfk post" which I clearly added a "like" to, indicating I though it was funny) and his more severe insults aren't directed at me, but at random people he's decided are ok to abuse (nyte and jdance right now)

Stop enabling this behavior and stop encouraging bad people. Just because you're not a target now doesn't mean you'll be immune forever. And his posts are more frequent and more off-topic than the other posters (jdance) we've taken action against for spamming.

I don’t know if it’s spam

Shut up, retard

Shut up, retard

It’s not spam: I do this because it legitimately upsets asoul and I want to drive that fucking vermin from the forum

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Guck this shit on mobile
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It doesn’t upset me lol

And you’re the vermin here. You’re just ruining threads.

Additionally, you don’t get to make the choice who does and does not belong here. If you have an angle to push you can take it up with the admins. You’re ruining threads.

Why did you make a three ad

I make the same attempts to get my own posts moved from threads when I think they’re off topic/detracting from the thread’s discussion

Ewiz is just contributing garbage tier content and needs to be stepped on.

There’s a huge audience of people that really don’t like ewiz but they are afraid to say anything because they know how he reacts when challenged or told he’s in the wrong

This Alightsoul + Ewiz shit got old a long time ago

ARe you trigggered my dude

Shut up, retard

Shut up, retard

Shut up, retard

Agreed. I avoid responding to him entirely but about once a week he will go on a massive thread-ruining spree until I give him attention

Logical take: spam is bannable

Why am I not banned wintermute I don’t believe this is a rule

Shut up, retard