How much should I tip my waiter/waitress thread

At Perkins right now she’s fairly cute what should I tip on a $8 order

$8 order lol?

hes trying to lose weight remember

tip like 1.50

Anybody tip for takeout?

I do it only occasionally as I’m not under the impression it’s standard but I always feel like a jerk writing in the amt without a tip

I rarely tip less than $5

What food can u even buy for $8

Is that like a bottled water and some pretzels or what

I think im going to tip 20 grand cash then report it to the IRS without them knowing

ON such a low order u just tip whatever. huber’s got the right idea

It’s 3 pancakes 2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs

Pineapple pancakes at that they should be good

U should not be eating pancakes and bacon this late in the day. Sorry

Whoa haha it’s almost 4pm I didn’t even realize
I woke up and was like I want some breakfast

Uve come so far dont slide back into degeneracy now

There is an old couple talking about their relationships behind me talking about how their men treat them kinda makes me sad

I wanna wake up at like 9am but I go to sleep at 5am and I walk 15 miles per day so I want to let my legs rest it’s a dilemma

On the topic of the tip… I would just give her a reasonable amount and then slip out of there asap… she can tell u are a degenerate and is probably embartased for u ordering pineapple pancakes at 4pm

better to just cut your losses at t his point and not make it any worse by drawing attention to yourself

It’s a 24 hour breakfast restaurant dweeb

10-15% but no less than $2

yeah? That doesnt mean you should order breakfast 24 hours

Lol you obviously hate breakfast, but why?