How much should I tip my waiter/waitress thread

if it’s slightly above $8 I would round to $10 total (order + tip)

I always aim for 23%, esp. with delivery. If a friend and I have a $100 dinner bill (food alone) for 2 people, I will probably go lower, like 19 or 20% unless they were getting us a lot of drinks.

I always tip more than normal ppl because I like making others happy

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Tipped $7

What did u order? Perkins chnges its menu a lot so I order off menu corned dbeef hash like a senile person

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I tip 10% for takeout/food truck. More if I know the person personally or if I’m a regular

15% for all restaurants and on bar tabs

18-20% for good service at restaurants/bars. More likely to do 20% on smaller bills.

25% for haircuts.

Tipping in america is so weird. In both Alaska and Washington seemed like with credit card payments (as all your payments should be)
all the restaurants are like two generations behind in terms of tech so they give you a receipt with an empty line and u need to pick some round number and like do the additions and carry the ones. in those situations I just go 15 percent and round down to the nearest 50 cents. The rounding is tax for the extra work

Guess I should start tipping 10 percent

I tip minimum 20% at restaurants regardless of service and similar, maybe little higher for haircuts

But in USA waiters are barely paid. I consider the leeway on tipping a waiter to be very narrow

I’ve not tipped maybe like twice in my life and one was when a waitress dropped a platter of beers on my head and then was so embarrassed she like went and hid in the bathroom and didn’t bring our food out.

Saying that waiters don’t get paid is just outright wrong. They make significantly more than minimum wage


Not if u dont tip they dont

if you tip in cash you can low ball it if you tip on credit make it a little higher. Cuz taxes. Also make sure if you’re about to tip with credit to ask the guy if his manager steals the credit card tips cuz sadly this is somewhat prevalent

Sometimes it’s not even the manager it’s the business owner lmao

Yea it’s sleazy so I always make sure I’m actually tipping the dude

only time ive ever not tipped was this one mexican place we went to, the guy literally went off shift right after giving us our food. we had to find another waiter to clear our table and shit and had to go to the host to ask to pay our bill. to this day i have no clue what that dude was doing but he just dipped without saying anything.

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