How much should I tip my waiter/waitress thread

5 dollars is like how much ppl make here in a day lol

They’re underpaid and I don’t need all my money so I always tip minimum $5 usually more

I tip 15-20% typically. I don’t tip for take out nor do I tip fast food. Maybe sometimes if I go there a decent amount and know the cahsier or cook. Im pretty lazy though and will round to full bills or w.e change I have on me at the time.
For bars if it’s a cheap place I’ll tip a dollar, sometimes 2 if I’m in a good mode. Non dive bars always 2
I tip 10% tho if the waiter is shit. Especially if it’s dead in there and I see them 3 times.

I don’t calculate tax as part of the tip either. Just go off the actual bill.

On such a small $ amount if the service was good and I liked the server I would probably just leave like $3-$5 I mean 20% of $8 is like $1.60 so leaving $2 wouldn’t be unreasonable or rude but in the end it’s only a couple bucks more for someone who is working and probably needs the tips.

On larger bills I pretty much strictly tip 20% but if I’m being lazy I’ll sometimes just tip like $10 on like a $25-35 bill

what yns and huber said

submit a letter to her employer saying its their responsibility to pay their laborers

and give her like a 5

In Texas, the minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.17 an hour.

yeah and then they get 13 dollars an hour in tips

Yea you really make some ridiculous money with tips sometimes it usually balances out. I was getting minimum wage as a tour guide but I’d get like $20-200 in tips every tour

Like you’ll get big ballers trynna flex just drop you a hunnid

Their wages should be doubled

Fun fact casino dealers get paid minimum wage and live off tips. Tip your dealer!

i tip my uber driver if theyre funny or we have a good convo. also i once tipped this woman cuz she had her kid in the car and she needed it more than me im sure lol

I’m at Perkins again how much should I tip again

Always tip at least 25%

I usually too 50% because I like making people happy

I tip 50% at bars I go to regularly. Except then I start getting free drinks so then I tip the price of the free drinks. Like, at the brewery I go to often they’ll only charge me for like half of my drinks drinks so I tip 100%

What do you do for a living?

I’m a software engineer. But tipping 100% when half my drinks were free is just paying what my normal tab would be. Last night, I got charged for 1/3 of my drinks, so I tipped 200%