I bought a house

and I get the keys on monday...

nice country side villa with good train,bus and highway connections.... close to major cities and my home village, friends etc

big garden

lots of work to be done... old lady who lived there didnt change much past 40 years... but overall in good condition, only caveat is the old oil heating system which is terribly expensive these days...

house costs about 1/5th of a 1 room city apartment p month excluding heating and sewage -- water is free for a couple more years

Wish ME good luck

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lawn takes about 2 hours to cut lol

good luck kapten Robert

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interior is shabby and the garden is a mess after many years of neglect but if i trim the hedge it'll be in decent shape...
rooms need new wallpapers and floors but ill handle that in less than 1k$
kitchen will need some attention lol but it's not as bad as it looks, a new stove (that one is like 20 years old) and fresh paint on the cabinets and it'll be just fine

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dont forget that you live next to a toxic waste dump and draw on well water

4 bedrooms 2 floors
the attic is decently sized and can be turned in to another room if needed

no flouride in my ground water

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@nyte you are welcome to visit at any time

yeah i guess nyte could show up: would be sort of like how they allowed old people into fukushima

No job? No car? No house?


Mr Robert


very pretty, looks idyllic

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can i move to the attic? how much for month

u real girl??

define real

in fact, define girl too

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big tits like nyte and kittens

Howdy Bob!

I think it's high time you invest in a riding lawn mower.

And forget that Husqvarna nonsense because nothin runs like a Deere!


that can be arranged

i was looking for a good used one but i didn't find one
then of course after my car breaks i go to the mechanic and he has a perfect mower there that he just fixed up

but i had already bought a brand new normal assisted mower

I think it might have been a bit impractical either way, the lawn is big but it's not a soccer field.
Lots of trees and different elevation etc that gets in your way