I can't stop eating white castle

06:00 Wake up
06:10 out for a brisk walk to get sun on my eyes
06:30 run for a bit
06:50 run ended, back to the apartment to shower
07:20 start on my to-do list, shit i dont want to do gets done first
09:30 stop for a bit and sit on the couch before i leave
10:00 drive to campus
10:50 arrive at campus. say to myself, wow todays the day i stop eating like shit
11:00 lecture
11:50 lecture ends, start walking to car
12:00 im fucking hungry, dont go to white castle
12:03 what if today was the last day i ate white castle?
12:04 yeah i mean if i eat white castle every day ill run out of money, so ill have to stop eventually
12:05 plus i can just stop eating white castle tomorrow
12:13 arrive at white castle
12:18 pull up to order
12:19 4 piece double slider meal, 20 piece chicken rings, large mozz sticks
12:45 fuck im thirsty might as well finish this off with a shake
12:58 orange creamsickle shake from arbys
1:05 arrive at home
1:07 get on computer to continue studying
1:15 why do i feel like shit
1:16 i cant fucking concentrate
1:18 its fucking white castle man, blood sguar or some shit
1:19 i need to stop eating white castle
1:20 i wont eat white castle tomorrow that way I wont feel like shit and can better study
GOTO, 06:00

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harold and kumar

That movie is so good!!

you gotta eat taco bell or white castle after midnight so you can be a piece of shit and just pass out after

You know you're a side character when the focal point of your existential struggle is condensed down to McDonalds.

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also hopefully you waited until you got home to eat because the time logs don't appear to reflect that time

isnt the focal point of your existence cigarettes

I ate it in the parking lot

my gf brought fried chicken home today

(please ban jones if he comments)

Well there's no concise way of saying you beat me to the punches

eating in your car is nasty



Eating this in ny car later

Grocery store

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Living in Texas, I miss late night White Castle runs.
The most singles I ever ate was 10 cheeseburgers.

White castle is the only food that can fuck up my stomach and the shit smells the worst

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Wendy's triple baconator makes my farts smell like something from the depths of hell.