I don't think i want to go pro anymore.

I dunno, kinda just hit me. Maybe I shouldnt chase this pro. Maybe I already am.

I think I would be happier making a couple bucks a month with 1 sponsor like VitaPLUR then deal with managing all this shit to sustain a pro team


Wow so funny.

Probably for the best

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If you got a business mind getting into anything else makes more sense. Only the cream of the cream of the crop survive and thrive in eSports

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bruh, its not even that. Its those with deepest pockets. Its a rich mans game/ hobby

I mean it's just not really profitable

I'm sure Alex Garfield made the right choice

He did.

Thing is I should be happy with what I profit. Instead of chasing my tail. I should just be happy.

VitaPLUR is the best damn sponsor anyone could ever get.

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eSports teams are an asset

Yeah I'm sure breaking even in eSports alone is a feat

The most inconsistent kind

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Yeah. I did it too.

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Its okay you were never going to make it

I made it. It's just not worth it imo. Not the way I'm doing it without investors.

I think I already made it years ago just didn't see it.

Youre just way too fucking stupid. Dont need to feel bad about reality. Just embrace it

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Not rly. I just don't want to pay yanks when I can pay Mexicans to do their job

Nah man its all good it would probably be better if you aimed lower anyways

Like you do with women


he got you there