I don't think i want to go pro anymore.

Really making me wanna post some of the nudes i got saved


Not gunna do it

is it your nudes

There's like no way real investors take a rational interest in eSports. They gotta be richos pissing it away like secret or literal money launderers

i bet kat sent him nudes that's why jdance never made fun of him playing poe

Kat is an adult he can do what he wants

no one would want to see that osiris

agreed seeing someone play poe is heartbreaking

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It works in other places. NA is just a shit hole


it's na's money though. na draws the big crowds and viewership numbers outside of the chiner

What do i do

check the contrast on your monitor?

Its a tv

should have a contrast option in the menu somewhere

Even so it's a poor investment compared to most foreign ones. People aren't pumping money into Africa to get eSports pros

you missed the jdance quitting wow arc osiris

i caught some of it on here was it more intense int he discord

Quite honestly most pro sports teams don't make owners money. They just treat them as assets

Like if you have access to a foreign group of workers there's like a billion more accessible things to get them to do to create profitability (and your need for specific talent is much lower then)