I have transcended from Nazi to Simp.

Please just change my title to brown simp.
I wake up everyday simping, every girl i've ever hit on curves me, they can already smell the weakness on me. I cannot stop simping. I lost my way after my wife left me, im no longer alpha.

Each day feels empty, nobody i try to tell anything listens. People dont text me back. the closest thing i get to friendship is blatantly losing money traveling to the farm to buy people groceries....

I'm back to smoking weed almost daily, ironically this is how i was when i was best at dota and I haven't really been losing since my last big loss spree, but my motivation to play dwindles and my discipline to get things done has been erased.

At least i lift weights in my fucking basement and torture myself till i feel better, the skin around my knuckles has cracked and scabbed from repeatedly punching and ignoring the pain/cuts. Ironically this is when ifeel the best i've ever felt in a long time.

I wish i had forcefully impregnated my wife. Then at least I would have known the something i have to live for. I just keep going because my mothers bloood line is on the line, but when i think of all the children my father had, it wouldnt be too bad and my sisters cna carry the torch.

I will go back to grinding dota. Women arent for me, I accepted my life as a beta, i just refuse to fap so i'll always be sexually frustrated incel.

It’s not just women that aren’t for you, it’s people, because you’re a lousy selfish person that can’t get passed really awful ideologies that hurt and condemn others simply for existing.

Wake the fuck up

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You can type and retype, erase it all and type a million times over

You are wrong.Why is this bitch who be emotionally e-abusing jones telling me im lousy and selfish. God damn good projection.

I help countless and the truth sets you free, I know what I am, and I know what I know. And you expect me to know all i klnow and not stand on my ideas? STFU, im not your next victim, thanks. .But thanks to people like you who assume based on my views and knowledge of theworld that i am automatically horrible in real life, pain is found often in the truth. So you can imaghine the duality of being so kind and nice and then going online and having people who have 0 clue aobut you berate you based on what you know lmfao.

Women hate weak men and you kicking me while im down is proof of this fact.

Do I need to know what you’re like “irl” when you behave the way you do here?

The mental gymnastics you have to go through to get to the perspective you have is either insane or incredibly lazy and selfish.

I’m siding with the latter in your case.

For instance: do I blame jones for what happened? No that would be insane or incredibly lazy and selfish. I hold him accountable for his actions and me accountable for mine.

You’re always blaming everyone else and worse yet you assign all kinds of motives to things while blatantly ignoring what’s actually being communicated to you.

Lmfao I dont think you ever had any good insight into anything i said, and the best part is if you would even listen to a inch of what i say you would see there is a rational being inside of me.
I work every day, i lost my discipline for a brief moment in time expecting some comfort from my boys on NAdota. I have been emotionally weak fams. Forgive me . I dont blame anyone for anything? Lmfao I admitted they smell the real genuine weakness in me women dont like that and you treatment of jones shows that too. I never not blame jones for being so weak, if he was tstronger he would brush it off with ease. Same way i blame myself for my weaknesses.

Thank you though, because of your attempt to kick me when im down I've gotten a second wind, guess the fruit from eve is both a blessing and a curse.

Thank you nyte, perhaps this has been the most positive interaction i had with you. So I am grateful./

You admitted that you’re blaming women (shit generalization) for something you assigned to them

You think this is about weakness... well ok if that weakness has to do EXACTLY with your perspective and self absorbed nature(read: you are what you are and you “know” what you know) sure

I don’t think that’s exclusive to women and, until you get that, you are going to remain self absorbed and lousy.


life has waves of ups and downs, i was at a low point when i wrote this. But i've achieve a second wind through it.

Okay why are you telling me

this is a mean post

Does nyte get paged or something when refpsi posts because the near instantaneous exchange of moronic mental diarrhea is incredible.

Like this is the second time this has happened

You have posted so much mean bullshit.
Make no mistake I don’t think it’s “kind” but in no way am I slandering him for the sake of a rise, or humor and enjoyment.
Frankly I’m tired of his repeat it’s everyone else it’s women it’s this or that
I mean to literally type “I should have forcefully impregnated my wife” while continuing to put forth that you’re a good person and the truth will set you free
Holy fuck

And follow that all with “women aren’t for me” (because of how shitty they are, is the implication)

Tell me I’m being fucking mean. This forum is just bullshit.

Hey Nyte - Nmagane here.
The sentiment "Women aren't for me" is not because of something inherently negative in women but rather the fact that some people are just better off alone - regardless of their company being women or men.

I am Arthas and the forum is stratholme.

You don't realize: it has to be the hedd of bazil thredd. There can only be the head of bazil thredd.

Would you meaningfully interact, or offer your beliefs, or converse with these ■■■■■■■ in real life?

It HAS to be the hedd of bazil.

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What do you think "holding myself accountable" means in respect to nyte because it sure doesn't entail apologizing to me for hurting me in some regard.

Based and Asyutpilled.