I think i got blocked for the first time in 25 years

I be mad new to the txt game i thought that if people ignored your text you call them because i thought the feds was tapping my line/disrupting service like they usually do to me. So i had to make sure my txt was going through. i didnt txt then call. i waited 24 hours at least lmfao.

i think im naturally a social ■■■■■■ i cant really read peoples responses so i just do whatever i think of

There’s more women out there move on

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yea im in the process of finding more women who like me for me.

Good job

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honestly prefer my women to be super intelligent to the point that telekenesis seems within reach for them

They're not your women. Can't believe a forum admin is saying shit like this


Epok ladies and gentlemen.

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Sorry epok my steak was awful and I just needed another piece of meat to take it out on

Today for me is by far the worst day anyone has ever experienced in history

you ever been served a steak at a place and the steak was clearly boiled

the waitress was bewildered that I sent it back

is that what it was? it was ASS

it was swimming in juices and what looked to be water

i want a $25 refund

refpsi if you really want to continue to be this deranged trump cultist person you need to get good at lying and living a double life because that is the most unfuckable thing I can possibly imagine

Im deranged because of my life experiences.
not because i support trump.

And I refuse to live a double life, i rather associate with people who respect me and respect my opinions.


well that’s gonna be a really tiny group of people and most of them will be men is all I’m saying

have you tried therapy?

i accept my punishment, i dont need a therapist to try and change my brain.

I am who I am, im okay with a small group of people because I will do my best to expand it over time.

that’s not healthy, therapy is also very much about accepting who you are, including accepting there are parts of you that you can cope with in a different way that will lead to happiness

it’s not about changing yourself, it’s about changing the way you cope with it

nobody will try to change your brain and nobody can force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing