I uncovered a money laundering political crime syndicate in my neighborhood

you must’ve lost your fucking mind get a lawyer dude


Hey REFSPI. I am sorry to say this seems like too much to deal with on your own. You do need a lawyer and you need to talk to somebody you trust. It sounds like this stuff is getting to you in a bad way and it would be best to take a step back and get some space to get your head right.


Protect refpsi at all costs


I had their lawyer storm off twice without thanking the judge, I will decide what ima do after later today. shit their lawyer stormed off twice without thanking the judge. he could not believe that i was well spoken.


If earnest, schizophrenic

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just got back from court again, they said they gonna send me the next date so im good til i get sent the next date next week imma go to the supreme court and file the motion to move it to that one.

i cant even pay my phone bill because the jury trial cost me 70 bucks and iwas drinking too much yesterday and held my boy down with some bread yesterday

i told you guys years ago he was probably schizo but everyone finds enabling his weird delusions to be sooooo funny

“they pretended I was too dangerous to have around the kids”

“they dont want strong masculine tradeworkers around the kids”

??? Liberals think providing a masculine example to the kids is pedophilic


Kind of out of line ngl

I met a teacher at the bar he was talking about the sexual freedom of children homie dead said to my face a 9 year old can consent, i told that man he had no business around kids he spazzed out and called me a mysogist and said he bets i feel so powerful dominating women, i explained to him i love women and that children and sex dont go together, and that he should find a different career because i doubt any parents would want a teacher with that belief teaching it to kids, and he was and admitted it prior in the convo.

yeah it’ll be funny when i end up being right

or more likely he just disappears one day

but carry on enabling this totally normal person with his totally normal posts

btw its a fairly common trope for people with sexual urges towards children to become obsessed with various forms of celibacy, and self mutilation (which he also admits to)

except that’s not what he said, just what he imagines the reason is (this person with a poor grasp of reality)

the only fact stated was that people didn’t want him around their children

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