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hello retard



thanks you too

thinking of buying some overpriced top shelf weed from buddy’s cannabis of San Jose today

Idk where to get good weed here

I don’t even know what good weed is

the darkweb may legitimately be your best option

wouldn’t recommend weed as a habit in general tho

I think I had good weed when I laughed the hardest I have ever laughed in my life watching duck dynasty

there’s different dimensions of good

like mental clarity v euphoria v sedation in a good way v mental stimulation in a good way v not giving the fucking munchies v not making you feel super burnt 2 hours in

its all overall not good tho imho

even when it feels stimulating and clear you tunnel your thoughts on silly impractical masturbatory shit

Can’t wait to masturbate when I get home

What is this? I’m not hip and happening

I’m not either

this is for when I want to rant about drugs or my psychoanalysis or takes on shit without derailing other stuff

I have Very Nuanced Opinions on Psychedelic Substances and Other Phenomena

“iama armchair mycologist/pharmacologist ama”

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have you tried GHB?


my drug experience is actually pretty limited

mdma / 2cb / lsd / al-lad / eth-lad / shrooms / 4-aco-dmt / 4-ho-met / dpt / dmt (non breakthrough)

not even dxm (still curious) or ket

would you recommend ghb

i hear its kinda like somewhere between alcohol and mdma but if you overdo it then you knock yourself out?

yeah or u die