Ian Mafia day 3 - the conclusion

In the night, the mafia goons Agubar and JerryMyBoy decide to slip out the back door of their tailor's compound, dedicating themselves to lives free from trouble and misdeeds. Attempting to drain himself one last time, Coco Dan hears a commotion in the bathroom stall. Peeking through the crack he sees PassionForTrains and nmagane performing a crude homosexual act. I won't describe the performance in detail, but it is very gay. Affirmed in his decision to leave, and beginning to realize the glimmer of a better life, Daniel turns the ignition and drives into the night. Agubar does that too

so can we agree to just not let goyclub sign a game ever again?

im honeslty done p[laying the guessing game of who is who and im tired of games being ruined beacuse they signed.

stop. letting. them. sign. period.


id rather have a player pool of 5 players than have to deal with a group of jdance retards.

Yeah I was reluctant to let benny sign. That's on me sorry

i don't blame you. you gave them the benefit of the doubt.

i used to get shit for wanting to outright ban them back on nadota.com so im sure you wouldve got the same shit if u didnt let them sign.

cant believe ian just reusing assets for my story arc

I had to write it at work sry

Next game I host u can be the protagonist

Klaze was second cop, he was checking agubar and had a check on scsf. Nyte had a check on bazingaboy

I’ve literally been telling u idiots they’ve been ghosting in games since forever but nobody believed me


benny just always busses and only busses when he rolls mafia

when i was reading along i honestly thought they were good scumreads and i didnt expect benny to flip mafia for some reason

when he flipped mafia it just made it rly obvious to me jerry and agubar were scum cuz yea he always busses

nma's involvement is like almost irrelevant to me in light of that fact

it's more gameruining than bussing at this point

also everyone knew goy clubs cheated, jdance didn't use to cheat (to my knowledge) though

Purely coincidence that jdance used bold text as soon as benny died I'm sure.


Lmaoing at people who thought benny and nma didnt cheat before

Nobody would of noticed (as evident in the game) had nmagane not logged into Jdance's account and pointed it out. If nmagane were playing the game I wouldn't of gone with that strategy. I'm not going to be held accountable for Jdance giving away accounts

If you think that is "cheating" it's just further proof that you're awful mafia players (which I have pointed out several times) that I can still bus my team-mates as mafia and nobody ever picks up on the strategy. If Jdance didn't grief then nobody would of noticed and I would of created distance between me, Agubar and Jerrymyboy.

Nobody did seem to notice in fact: you all lynched Nyte day two.

tl;dr: Don't hold me accountable for the funny new mafia blogger giving away his account and ruining the game. It's no surprise that his friend on the forum Ian is the one trying to put the blame on me.

Alright gang here's the facts

We were having good mafia games with a good town circle and then (((someone))) decided it was time to invite a bunch of these people back and it just ruined the forum

Benny: hard bussed, got d1'd because people didn't want to play with him, then told his friend on an alt who the scum were

Jdance: willingly gave his account to nma to ruin the game, saw what nma was doing and didn't stop it

Nma: somehow managed to ruin another game when he's already banned from the forum

So here's the question. Why are you even bothering to try to keep these people around? Why even let them sign games, why go to the effort to unban them and bring them in, stop giving second chances. We were doing fine without them.

Which brings me to my next round of flaming

Dan: retard that invited them back in
Klaze: retard that used IP checks during the game to create reads and posted them in the thread. Do you not realize this is information asymmetry and is completely inappropriate
Ragnarok: retard that can't enforce shit despite the same people repeatedly doing the same thing and everybody saying they never want to play with them again

The rest of us (except me and faz lol): retards for still signing these games and being ready to forgive these people when they're clearly never going to stop doing their thing