I'm about to do LSD thread - ROLLING on random.org to see how many hits I will do (2-6 hits), then will be LIVE BLOGGING my experience in this thread. Ask me questions, link me videos, do whatever you want to see how I react.




can you stream it instead

I don't understand how poeple could think that LSD is addictive. I don't want to do this at all, but I'm going to anyway - that's the opposite of addiction

I took it and I'm legitimately afraid. Never taken 3 hits before.

Ego death incoming


Stop seeking male attention

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how strong are the tabs supposed to be?

i know tab strength is on darknet listings is pretty dubious and not accurate but the largest dose i've done is allegedly 250 ug.

if that was indeed 250 ug it was definitely strong but also very manageable for me so you'll probably be fine.

I don't remember food schedules

did two tabs at liard hotsprings two weeks ago. was amazing.

I reported the above user for posting about illegal activities

Becoming one already? Top fast


is it kicking in yet?

I'm so far past that

What would you get from white castle right now if you could?

all the money in their cash register