I'm sorry but BEEF isn't good

Doesn’t matter if its a 100$ steak and it doesn’t matter if it’s rare, medium rare or well done (although actually cooked beef tends to be more edible)

It’s just not good

“It’s jucier than pork. It has more flavor” - Yeah, more BAD flavor.
It doesn’t taste good. It’s not the marinade or the spices, it’s the rancid fucking cow meat. It’s just not good.

I enjoy a nice minute steak, but that’s only because it’s so thin the seasoning overpowers the shitty beef flavor.

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Your 3 days in the oven roast beef sucsk too

Pork or Lamb are both universally good. Chicken is almost beef-gross but mostly for it’s shitty consistency.

Sorry but beef is better than lamb

Lamb is just yuck dude

But pork > all

no way you’re permitted to eat pork

Theres a couple restaurants that serve


If u are ever in the US I will cook u a good fucking steak

ÿou have special cows?

injecting corn syrup into the meat fibres doesnt make beef any better

America is a Cow Nation

you probably just habitually overcook your meat and don’t put the right seasonings on it

im sorry but do you like beef or do you like the seasoning you put on it?

are you one of these morons who say potatoes are good?

I was about to ask you the same thing

Until proven otherwise I’m going to assume swedish people eat potatoes, cabbage, and nasty phallic sausages 3 meals a day

we eat a balanced diet of arab food, turkish food, mexican food, balkan food, italian food, thai food, chinese food, indian food and american food

i think the american obsession with “barbecue sauce” proves that they don’t like meat what so ever actually

I think your understanding of americans and american food comes from television sitcoms and mcdonald’s advertisements

Still haven’t proven that “Swedish Food” isn’t just potatoes and cabbage