I'm using the restroom thread

Why is there so much dominos stuff in the restroom at the startup youre working at?


I miss taking a shit in japanese public restrooms so much. I looked forward to it every day at school.

I hear the toilets are very polite

they play loud noises for you so no one hears your butt noise. super polite.

How do two people simultaneously loudly going diahreah bond in such an environment?

Don't they have some on the trains that thank you when you're done with them?

Imagining being that toilet

Did you use any of those bidets you see in "YouTuber try Japanese toilet uguu"
When I got released from the hospital I couldn't wipe my butt. So I used a bidet and I gotta say it's amazing, way better than toilet paper or wet wipes.

the greatest triumph of the restroom technology, just remember to lower the water pressure

Honestly I don't mind if it's got a good bit of pressure behind it.

I didnt see a single public toilet that was not fully equipped with all the bells and whistles.

Even better, is that they are way more private than America's. Like why the fuck do American public restrooms have massive gaps in all the doors and walls of the stalls? In Japan, and I imagine most of the world, there arent these big openings. Feels so nice and private.

Yeah it's mostly the US

I think they claim to do it for ventilation

Do you still have chronic diarrhea


Condemnation to watery shit for a man's natural life seems a fate worse than death