Imagine being retarded enough

To earnestly entertain the "i want to kill nyte" parade by jones

Aligthsoul -> Proceeds to get dumpstered in some sort of retarded moral high ground debate against jones when he's got like 20 threads about wanting to kill nyte

Must be dropped on your head as a kid dude, sad.

imagine being retarded enough to start 4 threads when theres only one thing on your mind

i thought i was dumb but atleast i only need 1 thread to try and make a point

the emphasis would have to be on try and the natural conclusion to your description of yourself with those actions would be failure

All a big joke guys

Be sure to change jones's password while you're at it so you have enough time to change the story before he posts enough of his own thoughts to convince people he needs to be banned again

there's no reason for me to post my own thoughts because having the uninformed horde speculate as to the nature of them is far better

whatever dude youre the guy stalking some girl on the internet

You're the guy enabling it

let me direct you to the thread robert made and your userbase that just continually had to judge and speculate about me for zero reason

youre the one who opened the dialogue im just trying to close it

Change jones's password turk

He needs a break


"The Mongol Horde Speculating My Thoughts"

meme made on

I'm the one who opened the dialogue?

i thought jones came back because you guys were talking about him

this isnt really my top concern atm

is this a poll situation?

  1. You're dumb as fuck
  2. It should be your top concern

we should just make a thread about alightsoul and melissa i think just unprompted

can we get melissa's take on this?