INF sign Mason for dpc season

This should be all the rage on this forum tbh

INF has signed Mason he will be playing along side :tomato: for the rest of the dpc season

Dont let this distract you from the fact that mason was meant to quit dota because he didnt reach the goal he set for himself.

He got valved and shoulda spent more money and he woulda won more. Now he was supposed to quit, him and ccnc are playing on borrowed time.

When you want a rank and you dont get it its not valve trying to fuck him up.

When youre as high of MMR as him you gotta carry shitcans in hard to win matches. This is the same with every other team game with MMR dude. Stop being a nut

remember that ccnc. CCNC Goes from 9k to 7.5 after skipping a battle pass and not buying dota plus for a bit.

thats why its dota +
they are pozzing you, its the new hiv


I mean why no keep capitalizing on your skill while you still can

I support mason 100%

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Tfw u get tired of having to work to maintain the same level of skill in dota so you start comin up with shit and people in your head that stand by it when they clearly dont cuz they play and u dont

Mason owns

dude still got a job, eatin cheap tortias livin the Peruvian life

Peruvians don’t drink Peruvians

Don’t eat tortillas.

@timado get ur teammate to come back to the motherland (NAM) ty

I accepted my short comings, i dont have the time to play and be good at the game again. I am a hard working man, do i think valve rigs matches yes, do i think valve wants to sell cosmetics and hinders players who dont buy yes. Do i think dota’s skill required to be good got significantly reduced? Yes. And even if all i believe is true…

Unfortunally none of those things can hide my true feelings. When i was good, i was 19, i played 10-14 hours a day, worked out for about 2, went home showered and palyed, every day. I had no job, i had nothing, i sat in my room and played. I had to stop playing at my peak becasue my family was in debt so i began working to save them. I managed to flip my life and become a super by age 21. I maybe can only play 4 hours a day at most now after work and working out. I’ll never be as good as i used to be.

It hurts a lot man, to realize that you can never be as good as you once were at something, and im stuck looking back at what type of player i could of been, maybe i woulda been up there with those pros. And yeah it makes me very sad but i dont think i can climb back up to their level, i work really hard, and if i get obessed with dota my work suffers, and im not as on top of things, (you need to be on top of things for my job). I started making videos to make myself feel better about my declining skills. Thats the truth behind the refpsi video thread, i knew my skills were going down hill and i wouldnt ever be where i used to be in dota, so i wanted to make videos that people would enjoy, videos that captured that delusion dotard me who was once a god fallen, but the flaw is every match just disappointed me further as i knew i was1n’t where i could be, because i no longer can be.

I stopped playing these days, my buildings have never been cleaner, my house is on point, and i just sit and reminiscence of games i’ve played in the past. I close my eyes and i can see the old matches i used to play, its so picture perfect where everything was, back when i saw clearly how to win a game against all odds.

I dont know how to express this.

i’ve been trying to capture these sentiments in a final video but im too afraid to launch the game nad play again.

Hey dude I totally get you. I just wanted you to be true with yourself instead of pinning it on a message that is silly because its not good for you

I wish i had never been good. I remember telling my mom i made it into NEL, i know its stupid but she turned to me and said woah good job son, i knew if you put your mind to it you could do it. I had been telling my family i was working on becoming really good at dota.

I post this picture a lot, because it still makes me cry.

I’m going to Jill myself now

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Do what I did bro. Flip signs

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How the fuck is pepsi so proud and wrapped up in the fact that he was around ~5k mmr years ago. That’s nothing special lol.

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