insom and kat post about the paris major

@insom @kat featuring guest star @jdance

Ill post aboit it too guys but heads up i may have to AI generate some of the posts

i actually havent been following it i legit only have the urge to play the game i can't force myself to sit down and watch a full match i get too strong of an itch to play

sorry to let you down here

i will go ham as fuck for TI however

counterstrike global offensive

kat you gotta carry this thread sorry

styko and jkaem in a top 8 in 2023

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will say m0nesy is the most visually pleasing player to watch i've ever seen

he's like an even more creative 2017 s1mple

liquid and being disappointing name a better duo. kyxsan's igl stonks are insane he joined apex and turned that team from a bottom of tier 2 team to something really good


My mom just entered my room and asked me to stop watching garbage. I told her that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was a respectable esport with millions of player around the world. She responded: β€œI know. I was talking about Team Liquid"


zywoo is fucking unreal what can you really say. kid is like simple with better pistols and a posi attitude

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navi and especially simple did sdy so dirty. the level of abuse his teammates and countrymen put him through was actually sadistic even if he wasn't performing well. glad he found an actual team to play with

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like even if things aren't working you save that shit for after the game, not call your teammates worthless trash while they're still trying to play

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just goes to show some people's reformed attitudes only hold up as long as they're winning everything

wait s1mple did that? what happened

i can't find the teamspeak audio it might have been asked to be removed by the orgs but it was translated to s1mple calling him stupid, asking how he's supposed to play with someone as bad as him on his team, calling him dumb for not throwing a molly etc. apparently no one on the team cared or didn't want to stand up to s1mple because sdy was a literal whipping boy during the last month or so on the team. tbf cis teams are known for being toxic but the coach at least should stand up for his players

this isn't some twitlonger either he was doing this in live rounds lmao

this is how every team is besides the teams where it’s just like friends having fun going 6-6 in open

i understand getting frustrated but needling someone in game and no one else stepping in telling your clown ass to shut up and play the game does not seem healthy. there's a reason these orgs hire sports psychologists now if they're serious about winning