Is Nostalgia a Modern Concept?

The times in life where I experience "peak nostalgia", it is usually triggered from a certain song or melody from the past. Most recently, it was skipping through the Little Big Planet soundtrack which brought across memories of my thoughts at the time and alluded to life around this context of me sitting in front of the television.

So I got to thinking: what about when music was not encapsulated in any way? When a live orchestration or performance was the only way to enjoy such? Other moments for me that have triggered intense bouts of nostalgia are the Minecraft soundtrack and old Zelda soundtracks; perhaps you can relate to these or others.

So if we go back to the 1800's where music was not able to be repeated, then a chuck of nostalgia cataclysms would not exist in the zeitgeist.

So what about other forms of nostalgia? It's old movies, it's pictures of old fashion styles. Well these wouldn't have existed either. Besides vague memories of home and childhood, it seems that nostalgia is constrained to our modern generation, a manmade creation of sorts.

So with that in mind, is our capture and encapsulation of past cultures in time a dangerous trend for humanity going forward? In the future our entire lifetime will have the ability to be revisited through internal recording devices implanted (not dystopian but consumeristic, consensual), and the people may be plagued with their relentless reach backwards toward the past.

Just a few thoughts. Anyone else?

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the amount of accessibility to feeding and/or evoking nostalgia definitely seems to be at an unprecedented level as a generality

not sure where to take this observation though

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Didnt read the thread. The answer is no. Human behavior is cyclical. Humans did not evole nostalgia recently

Yes this has also happened before

It wasn't possible 1500 years ago


nostalgia as a concept that applies to shitty mass produced products is definitely a modern phenomena

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Because it was considered a mental disease and you'd be tortured for feeling it.


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Shared Nostalgia

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This needs more explanation to resonate I think, but that is the best type of nostalgia -- though not strictly modern.

Nostalgia can apply to many things.
The smell of my mom's chicken soup, the sound of the water at the lake I used to visit.
Even primitive people had fond memories of something.


Thank u

Maybe apes reminisce about how grandma ape used to pick the fleas out of their fur.

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red alert gives me nostalgia