Israel Discussion Thread

All week I have been hearing this dumb shit on the radio about this congresswoman who made some comments about AIPAC and how our politicians shouldn't be influenced by foreign countries and how the blatant allegiance to Israel in American politics isn't healthy.

Predictably, this prompted a round of gross blatant allegiance to Israel from US politicians across the board, mostly saying things like "the comments were shockingly antisemitic" and "we just can't believe someone would say that after what the country of Israel went through in the Holocaust" (actual quote)

The most alarming thing to me was that these rebukes of "antisemitism" seemed to be the dominant political response across the board and they weren't called out for the ridiculous, reductive and politically manipulative arguments they are - NPR just accepted this and proceeded forward as if this was a reasonable response to the situation and let the assumption stand that calling out AIPAC, one of the biggest lobbying influences in US politics, was somehow inherently antisemitic.

Let's discuss. Is disliking AIPAC antisemitic? What about disagreeing with the current actions and attitudes of modern-day Israel? How many Jewish things is it acceptable to dislike before somebody becomes a virulent antisemite and Holocaust denier?

no i'd say it's common sense. fuck israel

i’ve met more jews who do not support the israeli state/netanyahu regime than those who do

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It’s not anti-Semitic. There’s very valid criticism of Israeli influence over our own politicis and of their own choices within Israeli. The us has turned a blind eye to them for decades

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It becomes anti semitic when people start saying ‘i hate Israeli because they’re jews’ not when it’s ‘wow these Jews are doing some real fucked up shit’


Ok come on the “it’s all about the benjamins :notes:” was just poor taste

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Israel_palestine should rebrand as a unified state with two cultures instead of trying to sustain some sort of pecking order. There’s no way to change the past of zionist terrorists forcing Palestinians out of their homes; why not just accept that the ethnostate glove doesn’t fit and work towards unity instead of divisiveness

im not a fan of israel at all. in fact i think there are way too many dual citizen politicians in our government.

they always lobby us to give them money so they can commit more war crimes and shit.
they do a lot of evil shit and they even bombed us in the past.

her questioning of elliot abrams was great

you’d think after mossad does 9/11 we wouldn’t associate with Israel anymore but whatever

israeli art students lmfao.

at my ex’s school there was so much birthright shit EVERYWHERE like advertisements, student shit etc. there were literally 12 Zionist groups on campus i believe

What is “birthright shit”

Is there any definition of “birthright shit” in which it isn’t dumb and racist

yes why would the jewish colleges not support israel? You’ll find that they do anything to make sure students dont care about Palestine and paint israel as the victims.

birthright is Israel’s state sponsored program to let all Jewish diaspora everywhere visit Israel on their dime

I assume slowdive is decrying the aggressive advertisement of it as a sign that it’s politically motivated to make Jews more zionist

Jews are dangerous

I think it’s really god damned funny that fucking zionists are invoking victimhood and identity politics here the same way the extreme left tends to

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i feel like most jews are pretty against the isreali government except the old racist ones.