Israel Discussion Thread

I’m really torn in these discussions, on one hand, I hate Jews, on the other hand, I hate Muslims. What do I do here?

Fuck the kikes. Israel should burn.

hate both duh

its not like palestine is some great place either they execute gays and publicly beat people up for having unacceptable hair cuts.

In other news about US allies that pay a lot of money to politicians in order to not get in trouble while committing atrocities

Saudi Arabia jailed the woman campaigning for women to have the right to drive, is now torturing her, and will send her to a special court without a lawyer to be tried on charges of terrorism

wow i’m really glad i’m aware of this

im confused, if you hate israel for the right reasons then u should hate saudi arabia… whats the point of his post

my post applies to most atrocities and injustices in general i just happened to think of posting it in response to the post i replied to

part of my brain hates all oppressive regimes

a bigger part is like “why do i even have a part of my brain that has opinions on all oppressive regimes if im not gonna do the slightest bit to solve anything”

i was pointing out wintermutes post

seemed just like poor whataboutism or something or it went over my head

the crown prince reformer liberal king is just as much of a harbinger of change or revolution as Hillary Clinton is. he’s just a pretty face for a murder machine.

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i think jenanda bollywood reflexively finds whataboutism-type counterpoints to basically every issue ever because she has an impulse to feel like she has a balanced and not-one-sided take

just a personality trait

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his main form of trolling seems to be to find literally any argument, and sit completely on the fence to piss off both sides of the conversation, or just defend the person who is obviously wrong

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not sure if the intention is trolling per se but yes that’s her tendency in general with most issues i agree with your observation

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I started the thread so is your working theory here (slowdive & iafr psychology tag team) that I am attempting to troll myself?

Because if so it isn’t working - im not the least bit upset.

I find alightsouls viewpoints to be fairly moderate and not very irrational idk what you’re really talking about

If i can join the psychoanalysis task force briefly to put forward my own contrarian opinion about the topic at hand -

I think I tend to find expressing an opinion in agreement with others/agreement with a majority to be completely pointless and contribute nothing intellectually to a discussion so when I have those opinions I just don’t bother to express them.

Whereas, an opinion in contrast to public sentiment is often a valuable one in that examining it might strengthen our understanding or add nuance to an opinion we have on something

And I have learned in life to view people as unreliable narrators so I do have a habit of taking a contrarian view when reading their descriptions of things. I find this is more informative and often more helpful to the person in the long run than being like “Ugh yeah Your so Right Lol Stacy from work is a BITCH”

In short

agreeing with people = boring at best, harmful to them in the long run at worst
disagreeing with people = a lot of fun and makes you extremely popular on the internet


shut up retard