Jdance comes clean about everything.

I've been in a relationship with girl A for about 3 months. I took her virginity on her 20th birthday. 2 weeks ago.

The next night, I paid B, a 17 year old, $40 to have sex with me.

Tonight, we were all at a bonfire tonight, most of the people I work with were there. A found out, in front of everybody, when just yesterday we told each other that we love each other (this is genuine).

I paid B to have sex with her I think to make it less personal. It's very dangerous to be horny when you have a 10/10 3 words away.

I want to die and be shamed. I would appreciate it if you would ban me and leave this thread up so that I can shit on myself more.

Holy fucking shit kill me dude

Nice larping dude nobody believes you


The one time that I tell the truth

a man can conquer many women, if this is the case then ask them to be your harem. Say you want em both.

Anyone that thinks refpsi isn't trolling is dumber than refpsi if he isn't trolling

so you arent chad enoguh to have a harem? You behave as if you are paying women for sex and having multiple women.

Nobody cares join the minecraft teamspeak so we play path of exile together

Ok when I get home

You aren't here


Come speak to me

Got some stuff to do right now

Very bad and busy day


all you do is LARP

I'm pathetic


2 any RTC fan kid? on reddit you can downvote but now what ? RTC ruined pub, invented walk down mid, rage quit every game without gg RTC is so overated and most toxic player RTC

bro wtf!

Just lie and say why would i pay for pussy when you i have a nice free pussy with you.

It makes no sense for me to do that

That is typical mafia wifom so you have to rephrase it otherwise it reads as a blatant lie.
You have to think about it from an angle that it is indeed a lie about you paying other chick.

Make up a story that you fucked that girl years back and she is trying to get back at you cause she still loves you

Better yet pay her to say that and record it as proof