Jdance comes clean about everything.

No don't lie

You need a time machine to go back and not be an idiot

what the fuck

If you start lying and gaslighting about this sort of thing you are in fact a much lower slug of a human than if you just did what you want and told everybody directly that's what you were doing

Lie and find a reason to break up

Hope things turn around for you Matthew

welcome back


much like the Jupiter factory of Chernobyl, jdance’s Brain appears to be abandoned and destroyed

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Hope you're well

hey can you call the police on Matt again? I think paying a 17 yr. old for sex may fall under child trafficking.

keep kids safe from jdance

hope youre well aswell )

tfw the comedy criticism gets to yns and he starts stealing your posting jokes ...

Wow jdance back and showing himself to be an even worse human than was conceived before
And Ian back to support his corrupt ways

And epok soft encouraging them
Shocking on all fronts

Dan has a very solid skill of soft-encouraging the most heinous serial-harassers, racists, sexists and nazis. This is called site activity and is VERY important.

To be fair though, I am instructed to ban all jdance alts.


For example, the only reason Nma is banned is because he spread the comic with dan's face on it. Nope, nothing else.

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This thread shouldn’t have existed long enough for epok to post in it

It’s so fucking disgusting
Fuck you dan

Well I can't delete it like I wanted to delete that fucked up jones thread because that would be overstepping my moderator boundaries - this is a big no-no.

how was the Jones thread more fucked up than this one

oh wait I just realized you meant the earlier nyte ones not the most recent

Hi I’m dan
Posting my positive vibes in a thread that I should have immediately deleted due to the gross topic /sensitive and inappropriate nature of its content (from a user who is either banned or known to cause extreme grief to others)

Happy posting!