Jdance is a fatass

Daily weight log

Day 1: 267.6lb
Day 2: 264.3lb
Day 3: 261.2lb
Day 4: 260.4lb
Day 5: 259.9lb
Day 6: 257.9lb
Day 7: 257.7lb
Day 8: 257.1lb
Day 9: 257.3lb
Day 10: 257.3lb
Day 11: 255.7lb
Day 12: 253.1lb
Day 13: 253.7lb
Day 14: 252.9lb
Day 15: 252.9lb
Day 16: 250.4lb
Day 17: 249.3lb
Day 18: 251.1lb
Day 19: 250.4lb
Day 20: 248.9lb
Day 21: 247.6lb

this thread as a concept i can get behind.

but i'm worried this will just become another weightloss diary...

Im 221 lets go


Try onion salad. I'm totally replacing that shit with normal lettuce from now on.

Way more nutrients then leafs as well

Do you put anything else in it or just onions

onion and vinegar salad

Tomatoes cucumber radish

Apple cider vinegar and some oil

You can mix it with w.e you like. Just think of onion as the lettuce.

throw some celery and carrots in there and it's pretty good. turns your poop into mush though



I'll try it out

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Celery is literally fibre lol it's made of stringy bits

Day 2: 264.3 lb

Day 1. 220.1 lbs


Let's fucking GO brandon

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Day 3: 261.2lb

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pulling for you guys! weight loss is GOOD shit

Day 4: 260.4lb

Yeah idk I'd eat it