JDIP-001 Jdance Improvement Proposal

JDIP-001: Introduce Fault Tolerant Playpen-like Structure with Periodic Math Rewards Recesses

Author iNDo0R_5T0RM
Status Draft
Type Standards Track
Category Core
Created 2020-09-31


Dilute current supply of @_jdance posts by restricting his posting permissions to the math help thread:


At the completion of prescribed math problems assigned by @krazykat & @electrowizard, allow @_jdance temporary unfettered access to the rest of the forum to romp about and post his smut.

Rationale / Motivation

After analyzing recent posting metrics it's become apparent the forum has experienced something of a top heavy monoculture / yeast infection formation thereby disrupting homeostasis. The mechanism for growth in this imbalanced structure appears to be fed via shunted likes:

Numerous studies show the most successful ecosystems are noted for having a marked diversity, and diluting the @_jdance supply should bring the forum back into a state of equilibrium should the other actors continue on their current posting trajectories.

Tangentially this measure will have an additional effect of making @_jdance better at math with a desirable knock-on effect where he posts less & less in the math thread (and eventually the forum @ large) as ability improves to the point of no longer requiring assistance.


Id be willing to go forward with this. I was considering taking a leave until the end of the semester anyway

Do note I do not posses the ability to contain myself to a thread. Code would need to be written

Ever since I watched my YouTube video 50x in a single day I have also become quite sick of myself

Probably should break the roleplay a bit and put this thread in general if you want it to gain traction

JDIPIP-001:Move Thread to General to Obtain Wider Audience

Author jdance
Status Final
Type Meta
Created 2020-09-31


  • Move the thread in a bid to clout chase
  • Languish in Hell

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The yeas have it, thread shall be moved

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I'll run this theory by the boys in the lab.

What happened to taste_my_rot?

Who knows... taste_of_rot and degen_aura

I could be wrong, but I think @taste_my_rot scrambled his password with a 20 character random string and has no access to the disposable email used to generate his account.

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  1. I try my best to quit the forum until 11.17 (no promises)
  2. I don't

@discobot roll1d2

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

  1. I roll again
  2. I don't

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 1

  1. I quit the forum to the best of my ability until 12.17 (no promises)
  2. I don't

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

If you come up with any suggested amendments to the proposal, let us know!

@SOPHIE you know that you can ban me right? i've given you full authority to do so until dec 11

Jdance I will make with you a ban bet. Daniel loves these because they remind him of the old days when we ganged up to bully certain users and pretended it was legitimate but then conveniently forgot to enforce bans when the bets didn't go our way