Joe Biden

Joe Biden President of the United States : "My grandson likes to kiss his pop, And he's been kissing my p---well anyway it just a cold"

never forget hera killing his elephant in the decider game in a bo5 against vinchester

wat ;lol

isn't odd that the first thing you think of when hearing about a child loving their grandfather is that the grandpa is a pedo?

@Numeta did u just slip?


Bruh are you new to the US? Are you oblivious to the hundreds of videos of him groping kids?

That's not even taking into consideration that he was the VP under obama, and is a part of pizzagate.

you're talking to a 24 year old virgin that solo ques dota 2 in 2021


i am virginia


doesn't trump have like 20 sexual assault cases or something

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BING BONG're misinformed. Trump is clean as a whistle.

Additionally false accusations versus....hundreds of videos of Joe Biden groping kids on cspan/youtube?

No way numeta isn't just protecting his own pedophilia here. I'd bet my life savings this kid has child porn on his computer

he really messed up not going full cliff blezinski and naming his son bo

I'd rather a man who raped 20 women be pres than one who raped 20 kids

Trump is rich and the bitches just tryna get paid

except theres no rape accusations about biden and kids thats just u guys pushing out shit

also i dont even like biden im just pointing out that if biden is bad then ur boy trump is even worse


Of course. The Kabal protects their own. Hows Epstein doing?