Jones' Rendition of the Troia Thread


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sniffs armpit

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@ Nyte

How much money did you get extorted for?

how many junk threads do you need to create until you're content?

Will you and Nyte ever make up?

Does she still feel guilty about taking advantage of an autismo?

great double entendre

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I would much rather hear Troias account and an AMA be hosted for him instead. Well never get the full picture with the way things stand now.

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We pretty much know everything from Troia's PoV, not from Nyte though

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Your right. We need An AMA for Nyte

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@nyte I wish I went drinking with you guys

i know what im going to do

wish i had a fucking gun


fuck you christina

your christmas card is OFF my desk and into the TRASH

Wow you lucky fuck