Junk Thread

All posts that are off topic or spam will be moved here. Feel free to continue conversations here if you’d like.

Edit: All posts put here are off topic or spam, and do not need their own threads. Hence they are junk and belong in the junk thread.

Nmagane’s post was fine. Please try to stay on topic, and bicker else where :sunny:

Maybe the bickering is slightly on topic, but still try to keep it down :slight_smile:

Again, you can’t read what I’m typing.
“Mocking his racism” not “Mocking what he’s saying”. You are a political drone, you are too dense to understand the most obvious humor and metaphors.

You’ve yet to make one funny post on the forum dude.

It’s quite hilarious really - how you were PM’ing me trying to buddy up before being called out, and your politically doped up brain immediately flipped into this mode once that happened.
You’re a caricature, keep flagging posts and maintaining the reading comprehension of a 5th grade kid dude.

You’re the only person to use the Nword on the forum, and you’ve used it at every excuse. This is less about me and more about the forum.


OH yns used it once too. Such great company

No, it’s actually only about you and I’m not the only person to do it. I actually used it in the most harmless and lighthearted way out of everyone else on this forum (Won’t list names) did.

It’s purely about you. You are a narcissist and will not stop at anything.

Can you just shut the fuck up, retard? You’re deficient in every single way. The fact that you’re the number one poster on here, filling the forums with your tedious, tepid, whitenoise posts, being obstinate to the point that you’re hitting all the insane marks, and of course can’t accept that you’re overstepping when you use a hateful word in an inappropriate context.

White noise? Everything I post is on topic until you beg for attention and spark up an argument, which is usually also almost always on topic. You then resort to ad hominem when you have nothing to say - like you did just now.
It’s surreal really, how you’re so obsessed that you don’t even realize what you’re doing anymore. What is about “the forum” when you posted that stuff in GrandGrant chat? No, it was someone you will never encounter again. It was all about you.
It’s pure self obsessed insanity, it preys on the weak minded - on the underdeveloped, on the soulless, mindless
walking dead - like you.

The context was appropriate and I’m not going to argue about the word itself, you’ve probably had that argument with hundreds of people online and there’s no point talking about it again.
Your world view puts me in the same category as “daryl my nizzle” on twitch chat and “kekistaniftw” on /pol/, that’s how deluded you are. There’s no point in arguing these things with you, I am only arguing about you yourself, and your personality.
Hoping that by shining light on these things - which were clearly never said to you before - you would gain a realization, no matter how subtle, of how pitiful you are being.

What’s wrong with calling a spammer out on their tired, dog whistle racist joke?

What’s wrong with resorting to ad hominem? You’ve called me this and that, make assumptions on my behavior, and hint that you’ve doxxed me already. You’re a troll trying to get on people’s nerves, and you’ve definitely found your target in me.

I don’t think he’s trolling you I think you just piss him off by being yourself

He’s definitely fighting a lot of feelings, yeah.

I am not a spammer and it’s not a “dog whistle racist joke”, that’s another label term you have in your mindless terminology “arsenal” for these kinds of arguments. I don’t care what you think this is, there’s no changing your mind on this topic.
You take comments on your personality as ad hominem - which indicates low self esteem.
Call me a troll which means that you’re just in denial and think that I’m not being serious in what I’m saying to you - you’re just trying to give yourself an excuse to stay the way you are, when you’re nothing but a walking internet stereotyped caricature.
I am not insulting you, I said countless times that I’m trying to help and you go into “Debate the alt right troll!” mode that you’re so accustomed to, when I’m neither “alt right wing” nor a “troll”.

No, in fact I feel nothing when typing these posts to you - every day and night, maybe slight pity and disgust, but that’s about it.
You have this view on people that’s fed to you by mental doctors and psychiatrists, and I’m sorry to tell you that people aren’t actually like that.