just failed my permit test ama

im so retarded

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do you experience problems areas with other daily functions such as dressing yourself or opening doors

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sometimes i walk into glass doors due to them being too clean where i live

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really needed this! thanks

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how the fuck do you fail your permit test? I remember some dude in his 20s telling me about it when I was like 15 and his advice was to just use common sense. “Obviously if there’s a line on the road you’re supposed to stop BEFORE the line” I took that to heart and didn’t study at all for mine (except learning the shapes of signs) and passed it first try. I knew some dumb Mexicans though who failed like 5 or 6 times which is straight retarded

no idea. i took 7 practice tests and passed all of them

im still sitting here in awe at how retarded i am

honestly for big retards like you I would recommend reading the book

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glad the systems working to keep people like you off the road


do you mean like the written test or the actual driving test

Permit test means the written one aka the multiple choice where 3 of the answers are straight retarded choices and one of the questions will be about some dumb shit like towing motorcycles in the rain

damn thats a big yikes i didnt study at all and got like a 98 on that one. got some cool insurance breaks for getting a high score though.

idk how u can fail that tbh, at least in NJ you only need an 80 to pass

yeah i don’t understand either I might have missed a couple questions about dumb shit like deer in the road (I lived in Las Vegas we don’t even have deer) and towing motorcycles or some shit but the rest of the shit was easy and if you’ve taken a road trip before the shape of the signs should be somewhat natural you just have to learn which signs specifically are like interstates and county highways/roads

standardized multiple choice testing in the US should’ve prepared you for not actually knowing the answer but knowing which 2 answers are straight retarded and which 1 is more retarded in the last two answers meaning you should be getting like 75% of the answers correct without even actually knowing the answer

how the fuck


I can actually understand California’s test having such a low pass rate because there’s like a de facto set of rules that pretty much everyone knows and follows that differs somewhat substantially from the actual rules. Like left turns at stoplights when the light turns yellow the car in the middle of the intersection goes, the guy in the crosswalk gets to go and the guy behind in lane also gets to go as the light is turning red it’s called like the 3 car rule and is probably a traffic violation but everyone does it and you won’t get pulled over for it

Also people will be like 2 or 3 car lengths behind each other going like 65 mph on the highway also the fucking speed limit isn’t even posted on highways in LA and everyone goes like 80 if given the opportunity

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I failed mine too

I failed to talk to any women yesterday.