juul thread

pod power rankings

S tier: menthol

A tier: classic tobacco, mint

B tier: mango

C tier: virginia tobacco, cool cucumber

D tier: fruit medley

F tier: creme brulee

ok first off menthol flavored shit that isn’t tobacco is fucking NASTY dude all menthol flavored vape shit is straight disgusting and your taste is terrible

Second off vaping is the most retarded shit ever I tried that gay bullshit before just vaped for a week straight no cigs and I got fucking SICK dude fuck that gay shit


ive never used a juul but i got a little refillable shitter i use with 40mg salts and its alright i guess

i don’t understand vaping cigarette flavors but i’ve been at it for a few years

VaPe NaTiOn

I always wondered what was so “electronic” about an “electronic cig”

i dunno either but i hate all the sweet flavors

Your tier list is wrong. Cucumber and mango are S-tier, everything else is shit. I’ve had one for 7 weeks to quit smoking, and those are the only two flavors that are light enough. Everything else is too heavy or too sweet.

It made me sick at first but I got used to it. If you ever want to quit smoking, it’s worthwhile

Vaping is awesome. I dont vape, but since it caught on I rarely come across cigarette smokers anymore. It is fantastic.

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i was extremely anti-vape for a long time but my cough is gone, dont smell like shit, etc

and u still get the nootropic benefits of nicotine

Can we please ban drug discussion?

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Same. I enjoy having nontrivial lung capacity again

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ive got a yocan evolve plus xl coming on the way so i can vape some DMT

the skill curve of doing it properly other ways is just too hard for me i lack motor coordination

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Lmao just use a lightbulb. And have someone light it for you

i am Not a Budget / DIY Individual

it was a little memey before but now that nic salts juices are big on the market i can puff on strong shit infrequently and get it goin instead of chuffin on like 6mg near constantly

also have u tried a bottle pipe for it, the shits with a hole in the bottom and steel wool in the neck for ur magical load

I had one of those refillable nicotine salt vapes and put 50mg salts in there and I just puffed on that shit nonstop and when I stopped I just wanted a cigarette like the shit sucks and I felt like it was just as bad for your lungs anyways.

I’ve been trying the gum and it’s really not much better I still want to smoke and still slip up and smoke so it kind of sucks. I guess when I vape I don’t really need to smoke at all which is nice but still it’s kind of gay. Maybe I’ll try vaping again but I would like to just be completely nicotine free eventually which I don’t think vapes are actually good for quitting as much as they are just good for replacement therapy

That’s probably 100% true. I don’t have interest in quitting nicotine: I just had to quit smoking because my lungs couldn’t take it anymore

i have a really bad addictive personality, but instead of smoking for 4 years i’ve been vaping