Kingdom Farts 3

I waited 14 years for this game and have no idea what happened

Did you play full game? If so we can’t talk because I’m only at pirates

About to finish the first game, then playong the second so i can get qround to kh3 before megaspoilers

Have to say though the game is pretty bad

The beginning was absolute torture

3h30min of useless cutscenes for 30min of actual gameplay

Cutscenes are unbearable because characterization of the main characters makes them seem like 6 years old

And all the Disney stuff just feels like self insert fanfic

Maybe the games were always like this (I’m sure they were) but seriously you had 14 years to figure out how to write dialogue and tolerable characters and you couldn’t do it?

On the bright side there’s this


Why is this so popular?

People played it when they were young and waited a long time for a sequel

It has anime characters so it attracts all the virgins but disney characters to attract mainstream appeal

What? there were 20 games inbetween 2 and 3

Spoiler they were all bad

If the only winne the pooh bear minigames there are are those phone ones im gonna flip my shit

I think everybody remembers very specific moments from the old games fondly (nostalgia) and when/if this one doesnt live up to those moments or produce similar ones you’ll get an outpouring of whiny posts on reddit

And I will be leading that charge. I’m expecting an arena mode in olympus and a bunch of organization boss battles and so far all signs point to there being neither of those things

I did read on reddit there are some secret side bosses and I played an hour tonight and enjoyed pirates so we’ll see

I played the first and second as a kid and obviously liked it but will not be playing them again or playing the third one because I’m sure I will hate it

Oh my god the final battle has an underwater segment

I have no idea what they were thinking when making this game

There are even voice lines but i have no idea what the guy is saying because its muffled because its underwater

Fucking heal me donald duck

2 more deaths and i am going to go eat something and call karen

The people that made this game should be killed