Kotaku: Riot Hates Women

Both male and female sources have described seeing unsolicited and unwelcome pictures of male genitalia from bosses or colleagues.

One woman saw an e-mail thread about what it would be like to “penetrate her,” in which a colleague added that she’d be a good target to sleep with and not call again. Another said a colleague once informed her, apparently as a compliment, that she was on a list getting passed around by senior leaders detailing who they’d sleep with.

In job descriptions, hiring leaders removed the word “ninja”—as in “code ninja”—because seniors at Riot believed it might intimidate or deter female candidates.

ecks dee

Conclusion: Riot’s desire to hire “hardcore gamers” (read: MOBA players, especially League) has led them to pollute their talent pool with total morons

can’t believe misogyny and sexual harassment are running rampant at a checks notes video game company for the worst playerbase

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Imagine working for a company where your coworkers are people who enjoy playing solo rmm “ladder” games in FotM Popular MobA

Then imagine that your company prioritizes hiring these people

One of Riot’s male senior leaders regularly grabbed his genitals, the source said, adding, “If he walked into a meeting with no women he’d just fart on someone’s face.”

Video games were a mistake.

Article says they exclusively hire from that playerbase

Best course of action IMO would be to just shut the whole thing down

Internet, computers, everything

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Women are dogshit anyway

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Riot Gaming and Breitbart have some open spots for like-minded, underdeveloped incels liek urself. Apply Today!

Used to work with this dude at Staples and he moved to LA and works for riot and this sounds just like some shit he would do.

Things women don’t understand:
Current events
Typing without looking at the keyboard
That multivitamins do nothing
What really matters

Change my mind

Nvm he’s in Santa Monica