Kotaku: Riot Hates Women

I read for like 2 minutes then closed it cuz it’s blown out of proportion bs that I don’t care about

we’ve entered into a time where hiring the best available candidate is sexism/racism/transphobia/whatever

I dunno, maybe they have a valid case, somebody slog through the whole article and report back please

Seems like this article is more about women just being harassed/groped/whatever at work, which obviously isn’t acceptable at any company

Brazzers checkmate mate

i dont thinka nythings being blown out of proportion here

No I don’t think so either, it sounds super lame.

That can still be LA

Well yeah, that’s the case

It’s worth noting that this article is by Kotaku, whose entire business model seems to be focused on blowing these things out of proportion

and sourced from women who wanted to complain about things

and if you click their outlinks some of it contains some downright awful hand-waving about things like “Gamer Gate”

However at the end of the day direct quotes and examples like that aren’t made from nothing and it’s clear this company is downright awful

Anecdotal evidence in Kotaku links to

which contains

Notably there was the GamerGate scandal in which some male gamers bullied and harassed female players or others who had been designated as using video games to push a political or social agenda.

GamerGate links to

which contains

GamerGate — named for its Twitter hashtag — began this summer when Zoe Quinn, the designer of the game Depression Quest, received threats of violence after an ex-boyfriend posted a long diatribe about her on the Internet. Some of the crusaders against Ms. Quinn justified their actions by constructing flimsy conspiracies that she colluded unethically with journalists who write for enthusiast websites about video games.

all of which is some of the least level-headed journalism I've had the displeasure of reading this week

This comment on reddit seems pretty well thought out, i’ll just copy/paste it here


Lacy made it her mission to hire a woman into a leadership role.’

Is that in itself not sexist?

You should hire best person for the role, not try to fit a particular gender into one.


At Silicon Valley-based companies like Google and Apple, only a quarter of “professional” jobs—like engineers, designers and analysts—were held by women in 2016

Is it implying it has to be fifty-fifty? Are there same amount of engineering/designer/analyst graduates between males/females? I would think not.

Also, the premise of hiring a woman for being one is just as bad as not hiring for the same reason, which is common practice in companies I worked at. The idea for equality is to judge employees by their skillset, not gender.


I did read the article. There are valid points in later paragraphs that do describe inappropriate behaviour, sexism and stupidity for the lack of the better word.

That said, it does not cancel out the premise of first two paragraphs which I don’t agree with.

I pretty much agree with what this guy is saying, while obviously a lot of these people are mongoloids and don’t treat women fairly, the premise of this still makes me a little bit uncomfortable “I made it my mission to hire a woman”, why did you do that? Don’t you care about hiring the best person to begin with?

Yep it’s fucked and the deeper you go in tech the more normalized and prevalent it is

It’s just a fact of life at this point

However there’s also the other side of the coin which is that these places are very, very predominantly white and male or south asian male

This is true. I’ve personally seen and heard of a number of game developers in the bay area that hire for ‘diversity’ and are quite serious about maintaining quotas. In defense of this practice, being strictly the most qualified person for the job actually isn’t as important as how passionate and energetic they are (and of course being reasonably qualified).

I worked at a company of ~200 and there wasn’t a single female programmer - only white/asian males.

You sound like a sexist

but it happens all the time in the majority of companies across the world!

do you also think affirmative action is racism against The Whites

The atmosphere was starting to change when I left so it’s probably getting better, but the programmers were like a frat club and were quite elitist and cruel. I hated it.

i can’t tell if you’re making a joke or comin at me

If you’re serious I’m an extremely left wing person, wouldn’t really consider myself racist or anything like that.

Bit triggered about the whole mandatory hiring women at work because when I was 14 years old I got fucked out of a job from McDonalds, I needed like 3 weeks stress leave because some idiot at my highschool pulled a knife on me and held it to my throat, so I had to deal with that for a bit and take time off.

My 26 year old female manager decided to just fire me because they had “over hired” which is legit a reason to let people go I guess especially kids, but all the worthless dumb pretty girls who hung out in the back half the time and played with their phones while i did 8 hour shifts on frys with one 15 minute break managed to stay.

I talked to all the lower level manager people and they were all furious/shocked I got fired

not really sure if that’s entirely relevant here but I get easily triggered about this particular subject and I’ve held on to that memory for like 11 years, so that’s all

for context the woman who made the decision was an absolute reptile of a human being and pretty much everyone hated her

she also told me show up at some time: o clock to have a ‘meeting’ she was 45 minutes late to the meeting while I sat in a booth waiting for her, and then it lasted 30 seconds with her basically saying “oh by the way you’re fired lol”

ansolute type A highly motivated highly driven sociopath of a woman

im sure she has some great job and makes a load of money by now

fucken bitch :rage: