Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers - NA (CONGRATS to poster Forrest)

~ Congrats to harodihg and SFtP for advancing to the quarterfinals FINALS!!! ~

Forrest put us in your username so we can have an influx of normies to fucj around with

Big Benny and Nmagane would be way more tolerable if they left the old users alone… Think about it. Give me a ring when you’re ready, the bank transfers ready.

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:pogtrump::pog: :poggers:

Congrats qys forrst

we’re probably gonna lose tomorrow

but maybe we can qualify thursday

thats a moo bryle forev march milan stack. we ain’t winning and its a coinflip that put us on the same side of the bracket as them cuz if we wer eon the other side we’d just qualify lol

but oh well tjhere’s always thursday to try again

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if you guys need a coach hit me up B)

okay what can u bring to the table cuz we’re also not top tier or tier 2 or even 3 really lol its mainly just for fun to see hwo it goes

ill do your homework for you and will work for free :slight_smile:

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HesteJoE-RoTTeN has carried Team Spirit to the CIS Finals


The final is meaningless because both finalists qualify for the regional qualifier so it’s basically just a showmatch/formality. I’m not even sure if they play it in most OQs.

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wait so this is the qualifier to the qualifier


damn I was wrong then. forums poster and all around legend @Forrest has made it to the OQ Finals!!!


team forrest up a rax in g1 against march stack!!

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I got excited when you said this so I opened up the stream and saw it was 42 mins in and march’s stack has spectre natures and treant protector.

This game would be like 70% or better in favor or march stack even with no skill gap, and I’m pretty sure march stack is objectively the better team. I’d be really impressed if forrest’s team pulled this off.

yeah radiant is gonna have a hell of a time killing things from here on out

still amusing though

spectre got shut down. SFtP’s draft looks weird but it’s definitely playing to their strengths.