Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent

Will be a sham political trial if he doesn’t walk

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Anyone watch the trial?

Convicted pedophile rosenbaum hid behind a van as Kyle approached 2 people lighting it on fire, as he approached them rosenbaum ran out from behind the van and began approaching Kyle who yelled “friendly” 3 or 4 times, after Kyle began running away from rosenbaum, rosenbaum chased him and began to attempt to take Kyle’s rifle away from him, a man fired a handgun in the air and 2 seconds later a convicted child molester was dead

look at you parroting conservative narrative from 4chan and facebook

npc lol

btw the whole situation started because Kyle was a nervous little bitch and heard a loud noise, pointed his gun at someone who had nothing to do with it

afterwards the people were attacking him because he was an active shooter and they thought he was just trying to kill people

because when you see a scrawny little white kid with an AR in that evironment shooting his gun off that is literally what you are gonna think

I watched hours of the trial and just wrote about literally what I watched. All of what I wrote was quite literally confirmed almost verbatim by the detective on the case, who was the prosecutions witness btw.

fuck kyle rittenhouse

If you watched the trial you would know this but you’re actually brain dead and a moron

Parroting leftist Twitter

Brain dead lol

Go watch vaush

I’m gonna bring my AR15 to a riot to protect property!! I’m a patriot!! cringe

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parroting 4chan and conservative media

brain dead lol

?? I literally watched the trial you moron, unlike you, who clearly did not.

The only thing he was charged with that is relevant to that is minor in poss. Of a firearm, which he is clearly guilty, and is a misdemeanor in the state of WI

have you seen the video of him and his friends being racist bullies? the kid was a piece of shit

hey a riot I bet I can use that as an excuse
to shoot people

boy I sure hope I get to shoot people with my gun that would be so heckin cool!

Ok still not guilty of the charges brought forth to him, you clearly believe someone should be imprisoned over saying racist things, regardless if they are guilty of a crime by law or not

Except that’s not what happened

“Oh boy a riot glad I get to burn vans and attack people who I don’t agree with politically”

Keep supporting a dead pedophile who violently attacked someone for no reason, very cool stuff