Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent

no I just know the narrative of him being “a good kid” is utter bullshit

even the pic of him cleaning graffiti like such a good lil citizen was graffiti that said Black Lives Matter

then he left a bunch of other graffiti alone that wasnt related to BLM like lmao

Who cares about any narrative, the facts of the case are clear, Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense, was chased down as he attempted to flee, first by rosenbaum (convicted pedophile btw) then by a mob of people who kicked him in the head and hit him in the head with a skateboard as he was on the ground. Do you not believe it was self defense at any point?

You don’t want to admit he’s innocent because he holds different political views than you

I don’t think those people should have attacked him, I’m just saying I understand why they did

they literally thought he was just murdering people like so many other right wing mass shooters

So you’re saying he is innocent?

Insom agrees, Kyle Rittenhouse should walk

yes but all of that started because he heard a noise, got spooked, and pointed his gun at someone (which is a crime)

that was the very first escalation that started everything

Not true, as what was clearly shown and recreated at trial today, he approached two men lighting a van on fire at a lot for car sales when rosenbaum came up behind him and began aggressively chasing him

Rosenbaum was literally hiding behind a van and came up behind him lmao

I don’t really care to argue the details of which laws apply and which don’t, in the end it’s all meaningless semantic bullshit

I think the world is a better place with him dead or in jail end of story

Your narrative of the events was not presented at trial today, maybe you should go become a witness obviously you know something everyone else doesn’t

I think the world is a better place with that convicted pedophile, and convicted domestic abuser dead

Insom would rather a racist be dead than a literal pedophile, hilarious

And none of that would have happened if he wasnt open carrying a fucking assault rifle at a super intense and emotional race related riot

Well maybe he wouldn’t open carry an assault rifle if people weren’t lighting multiple businesses on fire, destroying his city, and violently destroying/attacking people

Keep supporting a pedophile bud, You probably fuck children as well

I don’t have any opinion on rosenbaum don’t put words in my mouth

I already said he fucked up and I don’t agree with his approach, but I understand why he did it

easy to have hindsight looking at a video in the calm of your own home

Why he did what? Kyle did not act aggressively towards him at all LMAO

Insom literally fucks children at this point and is delusional

this is the garbage you type because you know I’m right

keep making up random shit, deflecting, etc