LBJ Mafia #1 Day 2

A New Day Dawns

As everyone groggily gets out of bed to live out yet another day of their banal existence, they notice someone is missing. A brief period of investigation reveals the death of klaze, the pessimist. The pessimists feel at once sad for the death of their fellow pessimist instead of a dastardly optimist and jealous of him for escaping this never-ending torture.

Role PMs


Pessimist PM

Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Pessimist.


You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote.

Win condition:

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive.


Optimist PM

Welcome, [Player Name]. You are an Optimist, along with your partner(s), [Player Name]

Factional Communication: Each night phase, you may talk to your group here [Link].
Factional Kill: Each night phase, you may send a member of your group to target another player in the game, attempting to kill them.

Win condition:

You win when the Mafia obtain a majority or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Alive Players (11)


Day 2 ends November 7, 2018 7:00 AM.

Majority is 6

Same rules apply gl

okay well my most recent reads are

scum in deepthroat, ersu, friend, yns, tree

interesting that flips are roleless

I reread most of d1 and couldn’t remember why I wanted to clear yns at all

I also just felt something lacking from deepthroat and felt like he knew nma was town

Roles flip upon death.

Also if ever a role flips, I will add it to the role pm list

full role? so it’s confirmed that klaze was vanilla equivalent?

lol klaze

I’ll spend some time this afternoon digging through what klaze could’ve been right on and also posts supporting my suspicions

I’ll try to avoid being spammy and making too many posts as well

if I get wagoned I think im just going to ignore everyone and monologue about my reads

called it lmao, seems like Scum believed it

so no nyte or roragok? still having a hard time buying that ersu is scum but maybe thats just what he got distributed

not gonna lie your last post made me think you were town again

can you quote my scumlist and tell me where you agree or disagree?

nice ninja

nytes a possibility for my leak

rora also a possibility I’m just clearing him on the logic that he wouldn’t play scum like this?

at this moment in time deepthroat may be the person I find most scummy

also the way deepthroat said ersu was either scum or should be banned

well idk I guess it’s a bit towny

maybe I’m barking up wrong tree again

Roragok posted a BS poll and jdance answered scum so he tunneled him for the rest of the day

I gotta iso Nyte cuz she made the most posts and im still unsure but I thought that thing where she called me and jdance teammates was reaching and kinda fit in the same boat as Roragok’s lynch.

which is making me think maybe jdance is VT and those guys arent

besides that i think ewiz’s posts weren’t as scummy as i initially thought and he’s the other one i have to reiso other than like 317

friend seemed better closer to eod but i think his first 3 posts were still really weird so im not sure

i think yns is likely town but ill iso him to be sure

Thought I died cause I was @ed in the op

Lol this game is solved

tbh it kinda made sense to me because scum on scum theater is a thing

No one’s going to believe me though because I’m a “bad player”

if your solve involves me and flop you’re still bad