Legends of Runeterra

any1 play?

I tried it in beta and it was by far the most boring card game I have ever played and I have played tons of them

Play mafia

they added another 2 factions and theg ame is pretty fun idk

Did you try expeditio

I'll tink about it.

The name of the game is awful so I will not be playing it

games with unique acronymical names are fine because theyre super easy to google around

Wanna play some "Lore" Bro?

99% of the patch that went live today was great. So the devs cant be that stupid

Started playing this, pretty fun

really reminds me of gwent

I think nobody will ever come close to the art style and atmosphere of gwent

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no idea what gwent is like but it sounds like an entitled woman

i like that lor is simple enough for me to grasp quickly so i can work on different cardgame skills like drafting and planning my moves. deck objectives feel way more explicit than artifact and theres plenty of room for me to grow.

most annoying thing is that i am basically stuck grinding expedition/xp until I get enough cards unlocked to do draft without having to commit a tonna wildcards to possibly mediocre decks.

im adding swimstrim to the sidebar, hes smart n egs only streamer pickup. i think he's currently focused on lor but he'll probably do artifact once its out and he did autochess shit before that. check him out sometime

peak gwent is was the second best game of all time after peak hon

whats the difference between that and this

If gwent was so good why is it dead?

Meanwhile hearthstone is still thriving.

I downloaded lor, tft, autochess for Mobile. All boring as hell except autochess.

But the autochess Dev team ruined their game with buggy updates and laggy servers so all I play mobile now is hearthstone.