Libs.... lol


ya'll need turmp

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I thought about it. Nope, don't need Trump.

lies, there was world peace when he was around. So globalists attacked you from the inside.

Why don’t u guys get trump?

We have this french dude thats like him kinda but wtih french flair

In canada ur supposed to hate trump unitedly we are basically california

of course you support the ppc fucking yikes dude

What's wrong with ppc?

Control immigration

Anti woke

Pro family

Pro European non fuck boy values.

What's wrong with ppc? Nothing just hurts your fee fees

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Things Joe Biden Blamed For His Total Failure in Afghanistan:

  • Trump
  • Obama
  • Bush
  • The Afghan Military
  • The Afghan President
  • The Afghan People
  • "20 Years of Politics"

Things Biden Does No Blame For His Catastrophe:

  • The Taliban
  • Biden's Own Incompetence
  • Ice Cream
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as arbiter of this thread, i give insom, and only insom, permission to engage in earnest with plasma here


I warned you ■■■■■■■■

Biden is who you were brainwashed to think Trump was.

Let @Gamut post if he wishes, as our other Canadian who might care about 'Murica politics.


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it was always going to be a clusterfuck, the blame lies with Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld for starting the war in the first place (also knowingly lying about the WMDs)

Trump/Pompeo are the ones who planned this whole evacuation and bragged about their amazing “peace deal” with the Taliban.

The Obama administration’s foreign policy was awful but that was Obama/Hillary pulling the strings, Biden was just VP which is almost the most useless member of any administration (with Cheney being the exception)

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typical populist right wing bullshit designed to distract you from the fact they’re making cuts to education and healthcare and giving tax breaks to the rich

the entire education system should be abolished.

People like @Sammyboy who is an american do not understand things like capitalism or free market economics leading to NA dota beign a shitfest with nobody being signed

murdoch smiles upon this thread

Koch brothers as well


Already looking up how to online order my groceries my unvaxxed brother