Lima Major 2023

Go EG!

United States 2 / 90 (2%) Quinn, Sneyking

I put a bet for TSM to win. Timado is gonna win for his mexico region with home turf advantage unlike LGD

Epulze has baby twitch channels wow

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Drow is bad

Weu might just take 1-4

Yo @Sammyboy y aren't you out here. Ooooo right open border gulag. Shieeeet

This major is scuffed as fuck man they’re playing in one of those tent pavilions it looks so fucking hot and humid


White boy cant take the heat


Lima balls.

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One more ligma joke and i will blow you all up

Three games in 10 hours. Fail.

based for dropping peak cringe content

Jcrispy posting is really bad as of late. Like really bad

Dead last on the forum i reckon

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reckon you’re correct